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Towelroot Apk – Direct Download For Android

Towelroot Apk – Direct Download For Android

Mobile technology is changing very fast and very time it’s hard to upgrade the technology with its latest updates. The hardware is increasingly becoming sophisticated with the fast approaching life cycle. However, the software is also very unstable like the hardware components; the former is getting upgraded almost every day. To keep pace with the advent of this fast changing life cycle, technocrats has opted the way of rooting the hardware and software. Rooting provides the device an access to the manufacturers or OEM’s rights of the product, which means that the product can be originality, is accessed and now it can be changed according to the user need. For example, Apple’s iPhone does not allow downloading any external application to its phone except its in-built app store. A, however, rooting procedure will change the permission rights and thus it will allow users to download the external app to the device.

What does Towelroot App do?

To gain access the external application, rooting is done through another application/ software which enables the device to allow a right to the external app. There is multiple software available in the market for rooting. One of the rooting software is Towelroot, which is owned by Geohot’s wireless Android.  The Towelroot software is used to gain administrative access to the device.

The first Towelroot  Apk Version 1 was launched in the year 2015. By seeing its popularity in the market, the developer very quickly launched the Version 2. However, the second version had too many bugs and loops, which eventually failed to add more types of device that are compatible with this software. After certain research, the developers have released Version 3 which was compatible to add more device to be compatible with this software. It results that the users were able to input Modstrings to root device that is not compatible. But how easy it looks to root the devices, the users of Samsung Galaxy, LG has landed in the problem, since they are unable to identify the particular mod strings require inputting for rooting. Thus there is still a glitch with the software of Towelroot to be consistent with the all set of the device.

The developers then decided to launch the version 4 in 2016, which enable to be compatible with all the Android devices. Significantly the APK was lite and is able to be compatible with almost all the Android devices and supports Android KitKat, Android Lollipop, Andriod Marshmallow and Android Nougat operating system. Though except Andriod, the software still had the reservations of being compatible with other devices.

Download Apk

Step by step download guide of the Version 4

  • Install the APK file V4 from the play store with Lambda sign, It will redirect to the latest version of the Towelroot.
  • Upload the APK file from the PC to the device, if the file is downloaded on PC.
  • Need to run and install the app on the device
  • After successful installation, the app need to be open as required
  • If the device is showing as non-compatible to the latest version of Towelroot APK file, then it is suggested to opt for rooting the device with Modstrings.

How to root any Android device with Towelroot

Install the latest version of the Towelroot version of APK file and open the file

  • A message is prompted as “Your device is not compatible with the App” on the welcome screen. Click 3 consecutive times on the app.
  • A white box will appear. The user has to enter the mod string the in white box.
  • Please enter the below-mentioned mod strings
  • 1337 0 1 0 4 0
  • 1337 0 1 7380 4 0
  • 1337 0 1 0 4 1
  • The above mod strings need to be verified and then click on “ Make it Ra1n”
  • The device is successfully rooted with the latest version of Towelroot APK file.

Once your phone is rooted, then you can check whether your phone is rooted properly or not via root checker app.

Thus we experience that how easy it is to root and access the administered right on the device to make the external app a home to the device.